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Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) are among the most frequently drafted agreements in any firm. They are difficult to decipher for non-experts, while lawyers often need hours to analyze them. At the same time, the effort required to process NDAs is not matched by the profitability of such an analysis – from the point of view of both parties. Additionally, NDAs can create a bottleneck in the business development process because they are diverse in both what they want to achieve and the language they use to do it. 

AnyLawyer uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to catch any potentially risky clauses and unusual additions to non-disclosure agreements. It is a self-service tool both for lawyers and users without a legal background. It takes only 3 minutes to generate a verified version of the NDA, with comments for each flagged fragment.

After verification, the user sees each non-standard or risk-generating element marked with a highlight. Next, AnyLawyer provides appropriate warnings and helps in improving the wording of the NDA or – if required – offers professional legal support.

The tool was developed by legal professionals and robotic process automation experts. All experienced lawyers know that issues in NDAs tend to repeat. The lawyers from DSK, specialised and keen on legal innovation, wanted to find out to what extent AI would be able to identify problems with NDAs and improve the understanding of legal agreements by AI solutions. This became possible through a partnership with AnyRobot, experienced Machine Learning model designers, who also saw the opportunity to create something special.

How it works

AnyLawyer is a web-based application that allows users to upload a non-disclosure agreement. Using AI and NLP technology, it verifies the text, diagnosing potential risks contained in its provisions. The tool uses a sample of over 12 million NDAs analyzed and flagged by hand by top legal experts at DSK as training data, ensuring the tool’s high accuracy. AnyLawyer aims to reduce the risks associated with agreements signed by individuals and companies and speed up the process of analysing NDAs. You get 24/7 legal support for your business and it’s free.

Step 1

Upload your NDA to AnyLawyer

Step 2

Wait for your analysis - it usually takes 3 minutes

Step 3

Check flagged fragments of your NDA

Why choose AnyLawyer?

Bound by professional secrecy

AnyLawyer is built with data security in mind. As every agreement uploaded to AnyLawyer is cared for by an accredited legal team, their professional secrecy becomes a guarantor of confidentiality. Every agreement uploaded to AnyLawyer is processed and analyzed by an impartial AI, then added to its database. What is more, Anylawyer is compliant with all necessary EU data protection regulations with regard to its Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Created by an experienced team of lawyers

DSK is a leading law firm offering specialized legal and tax advice. They focus on the best outcomes for their clients, and leverage new technologies to deliver a better experience efficiently. AnyLawyer is a project meant to address one of the most common issues faced by their clients.

Built by automation and software experts

AnyRobot is a company providing Robotic Process Automation solutions for enterprise clients. Machine Learning and automation are being adopted across industries – including the legal sector – to great effect.

“We want to give ANYbody, ANYwhere reliable information about the risk associated with ANY agreement.”
Łukasz Chojnowski, CEO at AnyRobot
AnyRobot CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AnyLawyer safe to use?

We know how important security is when dealing with agreements, which is why we ensure the safety of our users in two main ways. On the technical side, we used reliable, modern, enterprise-level solutions and best industry practices. On the human side, the team of established legal experts that manage user data are bound to professional secrecy. You can read more about data protection in our Privacy Policy.

Does AnyLawyer work only with NDAs? What about other types of contracts?​

Our mission is to enable smart legal support for ANYone that needs help with ANY agreement. Currently, AnyLawyer can handle only non-disclosure agreements. If you’d like to be notified about project updates, subscribe to our mailing list.

Should I anonymize my NDA before submitting it?​

It is a best practice to anonymize any legal document uploaded to an online platform or app. However, AnyLawyer is 100% secure and doesn’t store confidential information from uploaded NDAs. You don’t need to anonymize yours if it’s inconvenient to do so.

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