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Benefits of AnyLawyer

Unlock your full productivity with AnyLawyer

Unlock the power of AI for legal: get accurate, up-to-date information quickly and easily – no more tedious research or complex explanations required. Cut your drafting time by 90% and stay informed about changes in legislation instantly with an AI-powered legal assistant at your side

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Time saved

With AI-driven automation and research, you don’t have to manually search through hundreds of legal documents - simply enter a few keywords and get the most up-to-date information quickly.

Data accuracy

By tapping into up-to-date and accurate data sourced from AI research tools, you will be able to ensure that your legal documents are based on the latest available information.

Document clarification

Our AI technology has been designed so that it can easily explain complicated points with clarity and accuracy - eliminating any confusion and error when assessing contracts.

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Negotiation advantages

Our advanced AI features extract key insights from legal documents quickly and accurately, allowing you to quickly identify trends or potential loopholes in contracts that could give you an edge during negotiations.

Increased productivity

Draft legal documents in a fraction of the time it normally takes to save valuable time and increase your productivity.

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Error elimination

Eliminate human error from legal documents and simplify complex processes into easy steps so you don’t have to spend time fixing mistakes or worrying about crucial details missing from your paperwork.


Work faster, smarter, and safer with AnyLawyer

Streamline your legal processes and simplify your workload. AnyLawyer's powerful tools are the trick to not missing out on the latest, most competitive technological solutions.

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Create custom documents with the push of a button, and automatically generate drafts based on your criteria.


Understand complicated topics with ease and never miss out on important changes or developments within the legal field.


Quickly create high quality legal clauses with clear language and tailor detailed clauses to particular conditions or contracts.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

What is AnyLawyer?
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AnyLawyer is an AI-based suite of legal-tech tools that eliminate tedious and mundane tasks related to legal document drafting, editing and review. It provides lawyers and non-lawyers alike with superpowers such as:

  • a one-click ability to rephrase or explain a selected clause,
  • easy document drafting,
  • lightning fast precedent research.

AnyLayer is currently undergoing beta testing and its output - while often helpful - shouldn't be depended on in high-stakes situations. A review by a licensed lawyer is recommended.

What features does AnyLawyer have?
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AnyLawyer is undergoing continuous technological development. It currently builds on top of Open AI's GPT technology, but we are developing our own large language model specialized in legalese.

Version 1.0 has 4 basic features:

  1. draft - helps you write legal documents,
  2. rephrase - lets you adjust contract provisions,
  3. explain - zooms in on key precedents for the highlighted legal phrase,
  4. ask - answers any legal questions in a conversational way.
Is AnyLawyer available in my country?
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AnyLawyer is available in any country, but version 1.0's primary focus is the US federal and state law.
What kind of data does AnyLawyer operate on?
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AnyLaywer depends on the general world understanding and conversational capabilities of Open AI's breakthrough GPT models, but adds a layer of knowledge of American state and federal law and precedent, which ChatGPT lacks.
In addition, we analyze parts of the document you use AnyLawer on to provide the best context possible for any answer.
Does AnyLawyer provide legal advice?
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AnyLawyer does not provide legal advice. Our answers must be reviewed by a licensed lawyer but can be used to support their work just like an associate / paralegal. Arriving at an appropriate answer may require several iterations with AnyLawyer.
How much does AnyLawyer cost?
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We work on a usage-based pricing model. A significant part of our cost is AI usage.
You can find AnyLawyer's pricing plans here: We have special discounts for our early adopters. Contact AnyLawyer's developers for details.
What is a 10x lawyer?

The idea of a 10x lawyer is inspired by the definition of a 10x engineer - a professional who has achieved ten times the productivity of other developers that have equal expertise in the same field.

AnyLawyer is meant to help legal professionals achieve the same thing: complete tasks 10 times faster and 10 times better without spending extra resources.

Still have questions?

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